JTIA1 Evaluation board with TIA for SiC and Si photodiodes available

Transimpedance amplifier with built-in voltage regulators for out SiC photodiodes or as all-purpose optical I/V converter

Our evaluation board JTIA1 with multi-stage amplification allows the measurement of photocurrents and their conversion to voltage output between 0 - 5 V. Built in voltage regulators accept a supply voltage between 4,5 V and 24 V. See the datasheet: JTIA1

General description :

The JTIA1 is a general purpose transimpedance amplifier board for photodiode measurements. The input side can either be directly equipped with TO5 or TO18 photdiodes via multi-header or via pin-header for external connections. A transimpedance amplifier provides photocurrent to voltage-output conversion (between 0 - 5 V) on the output side.

Gain Setting / Amplification:

The transimpedance gain can be set between three pre-configured values (10 / 100 / 1.000 MOhm) via jumpers. This corresponds to a photocurrent amplification between 0,1V/µA and 1V/nA. A second-stage amplifier allows for the additional, variable amplification in the range between 1x and 11x  via trim-pot. Custom values for feedback resistor and feedback capacitor can be manufactured or hand-soldered by the customer.

Power Supply:

The JTIA1 is internally regulated and supplied by a single-voltage supply between 6 V and 24 V and provides voltage output beween 0 V and 5 V. For operation with 5 V supplies, the internal voltage regulator can be set to 3,3 V. In this case, the input voltage can be as low as 4,5 V, with the drawback of a decreased output voltage between 0 V and 3,3 V. A negative supply-voltage is generated internally for minimum offset voltage.